Happy Birthday to Me!

Knees at the Cross

When I was 3 it was all about me- my cup, my doll, my shoes… mine, mine, mine!
When I was 13 it was all about me – Are my breasts forming? Am I pretty enough? Will that boy that I like ask me to dance?
When I was 23 it was all about me – My job, my car, my party, my house.
When I was 33 I gave my life to Jesus and thought that He was there with me – My resume, my career, my accomplishments, my “keep up with the Jones’ image.
I’m 43- It’s not about me. I now live my life for my daughters, my husband, my quiet times with the LORD. My life is not my own. I am HIS and HE is mine. I see my flabby stomach, crows feet forming on my eyes. Salary and income matter, but only for what I tithe. I get less sleep than ever and selflessly submit to my vows. I used to see the how big the world was and now I see that my life is small – but significant. I live for the ministry of my home.