Introducing Godly Girlfriends

LLBC Mother Daughter Retreat

LLBC Mother Daughter Retreat

Welcome to Godly Girlfriends!

When girlfriends get together we smile. Those smiles are proof that girlfriends are God’s blessings to us on earth. Every woman knows that we need one another because we feel accepted when finding commonalities, validated when we can confirm that we are not losing our minds and assured when get honest – sometimes brutally honest – advice on how to be the kind of women that God designed us to be.

This girlfriend movement is to inspire the sisterhood of born again believers; a journey of connecting women who desire to live and grow in their knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18).  The world is truly a better place for having one another. Follow us for girlfriend experiences, be a girlfriend yourself, and share your own girlfriend stories to encourage one another.

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