Does God Tell You Twice?

Altar at the Tabernacle

Today’s Devotion: Exodus 27. As we move outside the tabernacle proper to the court that the articles of furniture are made, the emphasis is on the work of Christ. It is evident that the tabernacle is a respectable place. Back in the old testament God went to great lengths to make sure that everything was placed in its exact place for a precise reason. I’m taking particular interest in the altar that is symbolized in this chapter.

I think of it as the place you bring a sacrifice to God that is worthy of him. God has specific instructions about the making of the altar itself; He even emphasizes in verse 8, “Make the altar hollow, out of boards. It is to be made just as you were shown on the mountain.” He’s repeating Himself! He showed them on the mountain and now He’s reminding them what they were told. If God has to repeat Himself, He wants them to get it right.

So here is my question, “Do I have to be reminded that God wants to make sure we get right?” I think He does tell us more than once. Clearly He gives us His Word, but He also uses friends, family members, children, sermons, bible conferences, authors, creation, counselors, hardships, circumstances, and quiet moments to remind us or teach us what He wants us to know.

I want to go into the day today with a heightened awareness of what God is telling me. Rather than rush through the day with the adrenaline to tackle my to-do list, I want to make sure I see God at work or become aware of what God is showing me. I’d love to hear your comments on where you see God at work in your life today…. What is He telling you?

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