Holy Boots?


Today’s Devotional: Exodus 35.

Give! That’s what the Lord is telling the Israelites to do, Give! Verse 5 says, “From what you have, take an offering for the Lord. Everyone who is willing is to bring to the Lord and offering of gold, silver, and bronze.”

God doesn’t need stuff, but God uses our stuff for His kingdom work. According to this chapter, God will use these offerings for the tabernacle. Today He uses our churches, ministries and missionaries. Another cool thing is that He will call and equip a specific few who can use the work of their hands for God’s benefit. (Verse 30 & 31)

The older I get the more I realize how much more God can do with my stuff than my closet can. When I make a gift to our church or a particular ministry that I am passionate about, I may not tangibly see how God uses every dollar, but I have confidence that the work being done IS the Lord’s work. People all over the world are being taught, fed, served, trained, equipped and sent – hearts are being transformed, lives are being changed.

So this chapter is timely in that I am being convicted. Confession: I just bought a couple pair of (expensive) new boots and those boots haven’t left my closet in 3 days. I have contemplated returning them because I have other bills to pay, but this chapter has caused me to ask, “What have they done to advance God’s kingdom?” I know I don’t have to feel guilty for having nice things like new boots and I’m quite sure God could use my new boots in some way, but the truth is that the material collections in my closet aren’t doing God as much good as the offering I put in the collection plate on Sunday.

This chapter is a reminder to me that God asks me to give and not be materialistic. He is capable of so much more than I am and whatever God uses, and the people He uses, can make such a difference in the world. It calls me to action; inspiring me to do more and not let what God has provided to me sit idle and waste.  You never know what God will do with the ‘stuff’ we give in service to Him.

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