Wait On The LORD? What!


Today’s Devotion: Numbers 9

Oh. So. Cool!

The Israelities go to Moses asking if they can worship God and participate in the Passover. See here in verses 6-7, “But some of them could not celebrate the Passover on that day because they were ceremonially unclean on account of a dead body. So they came to Moses and Aaron that same day and said to Moses, ‘We have become unclean because of a dead body, but why should we be kept from presenting the LORD’s offering with the other Israelites at the appointed time?'”

Moses doesn’t say, “Oh, sure, of course. That should be fine. It doesn’t matter that you have been deemed unclean. Since you’re going to worship God, why wouldn’t God want that. Go ahead, worship away.” Instead Moses says, “8 Moses answered them, “Wait until I find out what the LORD commands concerning you.”


I manage people and occasionally someone on my team will ask me for something and I quickly weigh the positives and negatives. If the good outweigh the bad, I proceed to approve their request. If my team came to me and said I want to do something that will glorify God, I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of their relationship with God, an opportunity to serve Him or their own spiritual growth. The last thing I think I would do is tell them to wait until I hear from the LORD, so I could make a decision.

Today, God is reminding me (and you, if you’re reading this) that we DO need to wait on His decisions, answers and commands. Even those that seem ‘right’ at the time, still need God’s guidance. I’m honestly in awe of this today. Perhaps I have become very comfortable in speaking for God in certain circumstances and this is my remember to go to God first to hear what He wants to say, tells me how to lead and guides me in His ways – not mine.

I’m thankful today for this lesson and this perspective and I pray God will give us the ability to stop ourselves from speaking on behalf of the LORD, patience to wait for His answers and wisdom to know how to make Godly decisions, not our own decisions independent of Him.

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