My Christmas Poem

We are so spoiled, we are so blessed
The presents are open, the house is a mess

The busy shopping season finally comes to an end
and the birth of a Savior inspires me to send
Christmas blessings to you and your family today,
reflecting on what is important and say…

That the real meaning and purpose for this day to be
Is that God sent His Son to save you and save me
Don’t take this for granted, it’s a serious event
Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven, be sure to repent

He came to this earth to save us from our sins,
in a world that is hopeless, heaven really does exist
If you are still reading and just got the chills
It’s because your heart you know that Christmas isn’t just frills

So take time to pause, question what you really believe
it’s not Santa or good works or religion to cleave
The decision is personal for each one of us
and there is no greater gift than Jesus, God’s Son!

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