Someone With Integrity… FINALLY!


If you “Like” the Godly Girlfriend Page on Facebook you are aware that I post a chapter a day from the bible. Today we studied Genesis 42 and if you are not following, this is your invitation to join us.

Historically I have been a new testament girl. I value the lessons that Jesus and his disciples modeled for us and the hope that we have in the resurrected Christ; while the old testament seemed, well, old. I know that the entire Word is inspired by God so I decided it was time to expand my horizons. Boy am I glad I did!

What a roller-coaster! From the fall of Adam & Eve to the hope of Noah, from the disbelief and jealously of Abraham, Sarah, Lot, Isaac, Jacob, Rachel, Rebekah to the intermarriage of maidservants and concubines, prostitution and betrayal. My old testament icons have quickly proven to be ‘human’ – sinful and all. I was really beginning to believe that God must be more of a forgiving God than I had ever imaged or credited to Him, because these guys make my life look heavenly in comparison. I am totally being facetious – I still reduce myself to the lowest of these – if anything, they give me even more hope than I ever thought or deserve.

And in the midst of everyone’s messes, God introduces Joseph. Thank God for Joseph! There are so many lessons and great life applications Joseph’s life models. I feel the need to point out just one main thing… What a breath of fresh air! Joseph is a beautiful example to us and he stands out as the “star of the book of Genesis”. He hasn’t deceived his way to the top; he hasn’t lied, cheated, murdered, or manipulated anyone to gain his position. If anything, he was mistreated, abused, falsely accused, left for dead, forgotten, and shunned. Not a Godly resume, but truly a God story personified through a Godly man!

I am very endeared to Joseph as a result. As much as I had heard his story many times before, in the context of the entire old testament, how exciting it is to find a man whose life stands apart. Could that be our story?  Joseph gives us hope that it’s not us, it’s God who will be glorified through our lives – good times and bad. What an impact a life of integrity makes and how rare it is to find. Let’s make that our story and remember, whatever life brings us, remain faithful – God knows the outcomes.

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