Rock Star Status

Rock Stars

Today’s Devotion: Exodus 26. I have friends in the hospitality/hotel business and the definition of hospitality is the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers. Certain guests that are of a “celebrity” status can set very high expectations when they come to town – unrealistic and unreasonable in most cases.

Examples: I have heard of a certain (Christian) artist whom requested a specific type of bottled water, with an exact number of ice cubes and the caps slightly twisted so all seals broken. It was said only one of the bottles were used – the others had to be wasted. I learned of a certain rock star that only likes blue M&M’s and red Starbursts; a specific request that there would be a bowl of blue M&M’s and another bowl of just red Starbursts in their suite upon arrival. The bags of M&M’s that had to be purchased to only remove the deserved ones; the others were wasted. Or an unnamed pro football player who expected a type of pillow that he was known to have a fit if it wasn’t ‘perfect’ – staff had to keep bringing in selections until the pillow of satisfaction was chosen. (And we have starving children in the world… I digress…)

Who do these people think they are? God? Surely they are not, but they most certainly have a God complex.

When I read Exodus 26 and all of the offerings that God requests for the Tabernacle, I couldn’t help but think about the stories of my hospitable friends. In perspective, these requests weren’t to make God treat people like doormats – they were very specific, symbolic, intentionally selected items that would allow people to come into the presence of God himself. GOD!

Two thoughts:

1 – We are people and no matter what our income, social status, college education, or inheritance; we are (according to Genesis 3:19b), Dust! That makes us pretty insignificant.

2 – God is GOD! Isaiah 45:5a, “I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God.”

Building a tabernacle wasn’t just some frivolous hospitable task; it was honoring the one and only God. We should probably put into perspective what we bring to God and why we bring it – not what God brings to us and why we  “think” we deserve it.

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