Rock Star Status

Rock Stars

Today’s Devotion: Exodus 26. I have friends in the hospitality/hotel business and the definition of hospitality is the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers. Certain guests that are of a “celebrity” status can set very high expectations when they come to town – unrealistic and unreasonable in most cases.

Examples: I have heard of a certain (Christian) artist whom requested a specific type of bottled water, with an exact number of ice cubes and the caps slightly twisted so all seals broken. It was said only one of the bottles were used – the others had to be wasted. I learned of a certain rock star that only likes blue M&M’s and red Starbursts; a specific request that there would be a bowl of blue M&M’s and another bowl of just red Starbursts in their suite upon arrival. The bags of M&M’s that had to be purchased to only remove the deserved ones; the others were wasted. Or an unnamed pro football player who expected a type of pillow that he was known to have a fit if it wasn’t ‘perfect’ – staff had to keep bringing in selections until the pillow of satisfaction was chosen. (And we have starving children in the world… I digress…)

Who do these people think they are? God? Surely they are not, but they most certainly have a God complex.

When I read Exodus 26 and all of the offerings that God requests for the Tabernacle, I couldn’t help but think about the stories of my hospitable friends. In perspective, these requests weren’t to make God treat people like doormats – they were very specific, symbolic, intentionally selected items that would allow people to come into the presence of God himself. GOD!

Two thoughts:

1 – We are people and no matter what our income, social status, college education, or inheritance; we are (according to Genesis 3:19b), Dust! That makes us pretty insignificant.

2 – God is GOD! Isaiah 45:5a, “I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God.”

Building a tabernacle wasn’t just some frivolous hospitable task; it was honoring the one and only God. We should probably put into perspective what we bring to God and why we bring it – not what God brings to us and why we  “think” we deserve it.

Today’s Devotion: Exodus 23

Sign Collection

We’re on the 3rd day of rules and I’m beginning to pick up how proactive God is.

When I get into my car, I am like a statistician behind the wheel. I think of the different routes that will take me to my destination. I calculate the most logical way to get there with the most right turns (to minimize stopping or crossing traffic) and I evaluate how to get to my destination with the least disruptions i.e. stoplights, stop signs, construction, railroad tracks, etc. You can argue that this is a whole lot of energy spent on something meaningless. Or it is?

I’m efficient, faster, safer, fully aware of my actions, and in control of my choices BEFORE I have to make them. Why? For one, it doesn’t hurt anybody and it’s one of those simple mind games that I play.

Chapter 23 is God giving more rules, but as I read this chapter today, I realized how he is preparing Moses and the Israelites for a variety of causes and effects. He’s says, “Don’t” and “Do”, but He also says, “If!” IF assumes that it could happen and He wants us to know the right way to act, behave, react, or manage should the situation occur.

I love that we serve a God who prepares us for what could happen and lets us know in advance; not only the possibility that it could happen, but if how we handle it in the best way.

Here’s the kicker…. Do we listen? Do we do what he says to do, prepare in advance for the worse case scenario or do we go on with our lives taking shortcuts, avoiding ‘construction’ areas, or minimizing stops? Maybe God’s message to us today is to get on the road and drive metaphorically speaking. He has all that ‘stuff’ covered. It’s there for a reason and whatever is to come, He gives us His Word, which He has it all figured out in advance.

But we need to know what His Word says so thank you for taking this journey through the bible with me.

Today’s Devotion: Exodus 22

Rules, rules, rules! I remember singing that out to my parents when they would remind me how to be a “good girl.” Rules, rules, rules!

Now that I have daughters of my own, I enforce the rules of our home and of course my girls give me the hip clinching, head tilting, “Maom!”

So I respond with, “I will not apologize for loving you.”

They are trying to tell me that they don’t need rules and that they’ll be fine, While I’m trying to tell them that the rules exist to protect us and I love them, don’t want them to get hurt and I want to make sure they have a moral compass to discern right vs. wrong.

God is continuing to give us rules beyond the Ten Commandments. Granted it is Mosaic law, but it is God’s none the less. I think He is doing the same thing that I try to do when I make the rules, rules, rules. He loves me and doesn’t want to see me get hurt and wants to make sure I have a moral compass to discern right vs. wrong. When I am wronged, He wants to make sure I handle my debts in a God-like manner.

As a teenager, I would have told you rules are bad. As a mother, I tell you rules are good. A criminal would say rules are bad, while a victim would say rules are good. It’s all in perspective and am thankful for a loving God who gives us protection.

Today’s Devotion: Exodus 21

The bible sure is full of surprises. Reading this chapter reminded me of the first time I read John 3:17. Have you ever read John 3:17? It’s a beautiful verse, but John 3:16 gets all the notoriety.

My point is that we give a lot of attention to Exodus 20: The Ten Commandments, but chapter 21 is out there as Commandments part 2, but nobody goes there.

Arguably, we don’t have slaves so the laws are seemingly not as relevant, but I found this chapter guiding us in our daily lives and little messes, not just in the big Ten Commandments ones.

God is a fair God – He has all the scenarios covered, even ours. So as much as we want to read this fast and brush through it. God’s character is revealed and it is insightful for us to see how He isn’t just a God of big rules – He even provides guide posts for us in our daily lives. It’s pretty cool.