Today’s Devotion: Exodus 21

The bible sure is full of surprises. Reading this chapter reminded me of the first time I read John 3:17. Have you ever read John 3:17? It’s a beautiful verse, but John 3:16 gets all the notoriety.

My point is that we give a lot of attention to Exodus 20: The Ten Commandments, but chapter 21 is out there as Commandments part 2, but nobody goes there.

Arguably, we don’t have slaves so the laws are seemingly not as relevant, but I found this chapter guiding us in our daily lives and little messes, not just in the big Ten Commandments ones.

God is a fair God – He has all the scenarios covered, even ours. So as much as we want to read this fast and brush through it. God’s character is revealed and it is insightful for us to see how He isn’t just a God of big rules – He even provides guide posts for us in our daily lives. It’s pretty cool.

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