Today’s Devotion: Exodus 22

Rules, rules, rules! I remember singing that out to my parents when they would remind me how to be a “good girl.” Rules, rules, rules!

Now that I have daughters of my own, I enforce the rules of our home and of course my girls give me the hip clinching, head tilting, “Maom!”

So I respond with, “I will not apologize for loving you.”

They are trying to tell me that they don’t need rules and that they’ll be fine, While I’m trying to tell them that the rules exist to protect us and I love them, don’t want them to get hurt and I want to make sure they have a moral compass to discern right vs. wrong.

God is continuing to give us rules beyond the Ten Commandments. Granted it is Mosaic law, but it is God’s none the less. I think He is doing the same thing that I try to do when I make the rules, rules, rules. He loves me and doesn’t want to see me get hurt and wants to make sure I have a moral compass to discern right vs. wrong. When I am wronged, He wants to make sure I handle my debts in a God-like manner.

As a teenager, I would have told you rules are bad. As a mother, I tell you rules are good. A criminal would say rules are bad, while a victim would say rules are good. It’s all in perspective and am thankful for a loving God who gives us protection.

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