Today’s Devotion: Exodus 23

Sign Collection

We’re on the 3rd day of rules and I’m beginning to pick up how proactive God is.

When I get into my car, I am like a statistician behind the wheel. I think of the different routes that will take me to my destination. I calculate the most logical way to get there with the most right turns (to minimize stopping or crossing traffic) and I evaluate how to get to my destination with the least disruptions i.e. stoplights, stop signs, construction, railroad tracks, etc. You can argue that this is a whole lot of energy spent on something meaningless. Or it is?

I’m efficient, faster, safer, fully aware of my actions, and in control of my choices BEFORE I have to make them. Why? For one, it doesn’t hurt anybody and it’s one of those simple mind games that I play.

Chapter 23 is God giving more rules, but as I read this chapter today, I realized how he is preparing Moses and the Israelites for a variety of causes and effects. He’s says, “Don’t” and “Do”, but He also says, “If!” IF assumes that it could happen and He wants us to know the right way to act, behave, react, or manage should the situation occur.

I love that we serve a God who prepares us for what could happen and lets us know in advance; not only the possibility that it could happen, but if how we handle it in the best way.

Here’s the kicker…. Do we listen? Do we do what he says to do, prepare in advance for the worse case scenario or do we go on with our lives taking shortcuts, avoiding ‘construction’ areas, or minimizing stops? Maybe God’s message to us today is to get on the road and drive metaphorically speaking. He has all that ‘stuff’ covered. It’s there for a reason and whatever is to come, He gives us His Word, which He has it all figured out in advance.

But we need to know what His Word says so thank you for taking this journey through the bible with me.

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